Cansema for removing skin cancer

I’ve had a brown spot on my right hand that appeared suddenly and would change from looking like a mild burn to a dry patch with a tiny dark spot and then back to a mild burn. It didn’t look like any of the skin cancer images I saw on the internet. I forgot to mention it to my GP last time I was in for a blood test so I couldn’t be sure of what it was. I had some Cansema from my father who had used it successfully on a number of skin cancers over the years and thought I would give it a try. Apparently, if you put it on healthy skin nothing much happens, but if you put it on cancerous tissue it will build a very sore scab that takes about 10 days to fall off (taking the cancer with it) leaving what looks like a hole in your skin which heals over.

When I applied the Cansema, I really didn’t think anything would happen and was very surprised when the patch turned into a very sore scab. It’s almost 10 days and it’s close to falling off. I’ll post again when it’s all healed.

While I don’t recommend not getting checked by a doctor first, I’m very glad I gave this a try. I had some bad sun exposure as a kid and have always worried a bit about skin cancer. I’m much less worried now!

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