Why filtered water is better than bottled water

I just had a new water filter installed. We moved into a house with lead pipes so it really had to be done. But there are many other reasons why filtered tap water is better than bottled water.

Read on and find out why.

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Low Carb Diet Plan For Vegetarians?

I’ve been looking for a low carb diet plan for vegetarians. My brother is a vegetarian and he has been putting on weight slowly over the years so I did a bit of research for him to find out why. Continue reading

Tooth Soap Scam?

I read online recently that Tooth Soap is a scam and that any soap will do. Sure, to get your teeth clean any soap will do – liquid or bar. However, if you’ve tried brushing with regular soap you will understand why washing your mouth out with soap is a punishment and brushing your teeth with Tooth Soap is a pleasure! And they have just launched Tooth Soap Gel and Whip that make it even better. Continue reading

You Want To Know How Many Calories Are Needed To Lose Weight? Really?

Looking to calculate the calories needed to lose weight? Wouldn’t you rather find out what foods you need to eat to lose weight? Continue reading

Causes of Acne – Vegetable Oils?

Since a reader commented on the Coconut Oil page that all oil is the same, I’ve had my eye out for information about vegetable oils. The writer of the article below, Jack Venta, says that vegetable oil was the cause of his acne.
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