Fountain of Youth Scam?

I’m not real big on skin care products that claim to reverse the effects of aging and I think that we’ve all gotten a bit crazy with wanting to stay young forever. I quite enjoy being 50, but maybe that’s because I don’t look or feel 50. I suppose I’ve got the benefits of experience without the side effects of poor health. My skin looks pretty good. It looks younger than many 38 year olds I know. Here’s what I’m doing.
I don’t smoke, don’t drink much, stay out of strong sun, use SP15 daily, get enough sleep, take my vitamins and use anti-oxidant based skin care.

I do have some wrinkles and I’ve noticed in the past year that my skin is getting thinner. Vanity got the best of me (I’m only female, after all) and I started looking at some research and learning a few things about how skin ages, collagen, amino acids and Human Growth Hormones (HGH). Now I’ve decided to try a combination of suggestions for improving my skin.

One comes from Dr Lam who recommends amino-acids orally and topically to improve HGH release alongside of anti-oxidants. And the other comes from who suggest taking Type II Hydrolyzed Collagen orally as well.

So I went online and ordered it all from and got a great Buy 3 Get 3 free deal on most of it (Check out their Internet Specials). Yesterday the 3 month supply for me and a friend arrived and we got started.

Is it a fountain of youth scam? Or will it really work? Join our newsletter or visit again to find out how it goes.

To read more about anti-aging skin care click here.

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