MSM – What it is and what it’s good for!

What is MSM and what is it good for? It is thought to reduce response to allergies, lung dysfunction, mucous membrane inflammation, hypersensitivity to drugs, control hyper acidity and constipation and has anti-parasitic qualities. It has shown to reduce inflamed gums and bad breath. It is also thought to soften, smooth, lubricate and preserve the pliancy of skin, muscle and other tissues and reduce brittle finger and toe nails.

MSM (methylsulphonylmethane) is a derivative of DMSO (dimethyl sulphoxide) with its own unique properties and benefits. It it thought that MSM helps to regulate and maintain the body in good health. As with many alternative approaches and products for regaining and maintaining excellent health, research is thin on the ground and claims of miraculous results abound. But somewhere in between these two extremes there is often a product that, combined with a healthy lifestyle, is truly beneficial. We believe that MSM is one of these products.

The various salts in MSM, and even DMSO, are found in most of the foods we eat. MSM is completely non-toxic and safe to consume. Unlike DMSO, it is FDA approved. Unless your diet consists mostly of milk, you are possibly deficient in MSM. Research has shown that a minimum concentration in the body may be essential for normal body function.

Although limited, research suggests that MSM in the body drops with increasing age. This may be due to dietary habits, or a change in the way the kidneys excrete MSM. The average concentration in an adult man is 0.2-0.25 ppm.

Taken orally alone or in food, MSM is odorless and nearly tasteless and has no unpleasant after breath like DMSO.

MSM should be taken daily until results are seen. This may be 2 to 21 days or longer. The amount to take isn’t that important because the MSM builds up in the body’s tissues and fluids until it reaches an effective level. Doses as low 50m or as high as 1500mg can be effective. The usual dose is 100 to 1000mg or 250 to 2000mg depending on the symptoms, their severity and cause and the level of MSM in the body.

MSM is non-toxic so higher levels are safe. However, too low levels of MSM can result in stress, tissue and organ malfunction, fatigue and poor health. Maintaining a level above 1ppm has shown to improve general health, resistance to illness and increased endurance in both men and women.

MSM mixed with toothpaste (50/50) reduces inflamed gums and bad breath.

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Ref. Beyond DMSO by Steve Gallant, Life Enhancement SIG

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