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Do you wonder which health product is the best – which will really work for you? We’ve taken some of the guess work out for you. When we suggest a product it is because we’ve looked at it very closely, read any research available, checked out the company and in most cases have tried the product and found that it worked for us.

Here are some basic products and books that we believe should be a part of everyone’s health regime.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is our fat of choice. This is the fat that helps you burn fat. It curbs your appetite – add it to your smoothie in the morning and you won’t get hungry till the afternoon. It is a saturated fat, BUT it’s a medium chain saturated fat that your body doesn’t store as fat. It doesn’t contribute to high cholesterol. It doesn’t release free radicals when you heat it like vegetable oils do, and it tastes great, too. Read more about the health benefits of coconut oil here.


This is another product that companies can’t earn on that has many wonderful uses from joint pain and acne to preventing herpes outbreaks. Find out more about DMSO.

Colon & Internal Cleansing

Let’s face it colon cleansing is awkward to talk about and the websites and testimonials can get a bit weird. But we have found a family run company, Blessed Herbs, that makes superb organic colon and internal organ cleansing products. You have to look hard to find anything really weird on their website.

Their cleansing kits are nicely packaged with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. If you haven’t done this sort of thing before, Blessed Herbs is definitely the place to start. It is an essential part of detoxing your system to promote great health. Read more about colon cleansing.
And it’s not half as weird as you imagine it to be!

Dental Care

My grandmother and her sisters all lost their teeth when they were in their 30’s. They had no heart disease. My mother and her sister, now in their 70’s, still have their teeth. They have also had periodontal disease for years and both have had multiple heart by-passes.

There is now substantial medical research linking periodontal disease to heart disease. Taking care of your gums and teeth isn’t just about a pretty smile. It can add years to your life. Read more here.
We searched far and wide for a natural fluoride-free toothpaste that promoted re-mineralization of tooth enamel and that did not contain glycerin. Tooth Soap is our recommendation.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide belongs in every medicine cabinet. It’s one of those basic products that we forget about because companies can’t make money on it so it’s not advertised. It’s great for

  • cleaning cuts and scrapes
  • gargling
  • mouth wash and inter-dental cleaning (kills plaque bacteria)
  • cleaning your toothbrushes
  • treating blemishes

You can buy it at any health & beauty store.

Caution: Make sure you dilute it to about 1%. See our dental page for advice on how to use it as a mouthwash and for inter-dental cleaning.


Drink pure filtered water and avoid plastic bottles. Aquasana makes excellent and affordable water filters that are easy to install. You can get pure filtered water for as little as 9 cents per day. Loads cheaper than bottled water and better for the environment (no bottles and no transport). Click here for 20% off!

Read about why you need to filter your water here.

Whole Food

‘Don’t eat processed foods’ – We’ve been hearing this one for years, but we still reach for convenience foods and food that is sold to us as the ‘healthy option’. Instant this, par boiled that, pre-prepared pierce and zap, cookies, cakes, candy and all that so called ‘healthy’ low-fat everything. These foods are compromised. They can contain processed carbohydrates, trans fats, processed oils and mass produced and artificially fattened animals.

Eat real whole food – lean grass fed beef, free-range chicken and eggs, full fat dairy, fresh fruit and veg, and buy organic when you can to reduce toxin intake and support sustainable farming.

For more on what to eat read:

The Doctor’s Heart Cure, Beyond the Modern Myths of Diet and Exercise: The Clinically-Proven Plan of Breakthrough Health Secrets That Helps You Build a Powerful, Disease-Free Heart

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