Want to lose weight before the holidays?

The entertaining season is upon us! Office Christmas parties, charity events, family get togethers and maybe even a holiday in the sun – all good reasons to shed some pounds and look and feel our best for the holiday season. For many of our newsletter subscribers losing weight is a key concern so I’ve been looking around for a healthy fat loss diet plan that fits with the How2GetHealthy philosophy and I’ve come across a system that is great: The Diet Solution.


It’s not about starving, calorie counting, or eating low fat or low carbs. These diets don’t work for most people and many of them are simply unhealthy. It is about eating healthy foods, encouraging healthy and sustainable weightloss and is easy to follow and stick with. The Diet Solution is for people who love and enjoy food! Check out their free video for fat loss tips that you can apply right now and start losing weight. Join their diet plan for their healthy fat loss diet and enjoy diet success while enjoying great food.

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