Skin Care and the Credit Crunch!

Over the past six months we have seen prices of just about everything go up. If your like me you’ve been looking for ways to offset some of these rising costs. I’ve found cheaper insurance, I’ve been leaving the car at home and I’m shopping at the cheap grocery stores, buying bulk and taking advantage of sales. I’ve also changed my skin care regime! No more pricey lotions and potions. For the past two months I have used nothing but coconut oil mixed with a bit of almond oil on my skin.

I was worried that I would wrinkle up over night. But I haven’t. A few wrinkles do seem a bit more pronounced, but overall my skin looks great. Mixing coconut oil with almond oil is fantastic for my 50+ skin. It feels supple and even has a dewy look. I mix it in my hand and apply it to my face, neck, arms and hands.

It’s no fuss and very low cost.

When the crunch is over I go back to Dermalift and an antiaging skincare regime, but until then I’m very happy with the results of this completely natural and very inexpensive skin care.

One response to “Skin Care and the Credit Crunch!

  1. thanks for this info i just buyed MeritVCO extra virgin coconut oil form mu local stores.

    trying it now

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