Fountain of Youth – Update

2 weeks ago I began a 3 month anti-aging skin care regime. I’m taking Collagen Type I & III, Somato 8 ( amino acids that stimulate HGH release), and use a night cream with ‘secretogogues’ (more amino acids). I’m doing this alongside my normal skin care which is full of anti-oxidants and, of course, I’m taking my vitamins. I’m beginning to notice some some unexpected changes.

My skin seems slightly smoother and there is possibly less sagging around my mouth. It’s subtle, but it also early days. Another thing I noticed is that my eyes feel better. This is really unexpected so I Googled ‘collagen and eyes’ and sure enough our eyes are made of over 80% collagen. So it could be that the collagen powder I’m taking is helping my eyes.

I work full time and spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen. I wear reading glasses which get stronger each year. Its hard to descibe – I don’t actually feel that my sight is getting better, but my eyes feel less tired and although my close vision is still blurred my overall vision seems a bit clearer.

I’m due for eye exam so I’ll be looking at this very closely. I’ll keep you posted.

Take a look at my skin care page for more info on how to care for your skin.

You can buy what I’m trying (Dermalift, Colla-C (Internet Special) and Somato-8) at

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  1. I’ve just noticed an error in my post which I have corrected.
    I’m taking Collagen Types I & III (not II)! I’ve also added where I bought the stuff!

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