Fountain of Youth – Collagen + Amino Acids + HGH = Great Skin

I’m 30 days into my new skin care regime. To recap: me and a friend bought a 3 month supply of Dermalift (amino acids) and Collagen to see if we could rebuild the collagen in our skin and reduce wrinkles. I also bought a 1 month supply of Somato 8 (an HGH releasing supplement) because I’m 50 and HGH release gets a bit slow at my age. After 2 weeks I reported a noticeable but subtle difference in my skin and also, surprisingly, somewhat clearer eyesight possibly due to the eye being made up of 85% collagen.

So how are we doing after 30 days?

We are both happy with our skin and have noticeably less wrinkles. I’m particularly pleased with the area above and around my lips.

My eyes still feel great and I think there may be another great unexpected benefit to rebuilding collagen. Last August after a month of travelling around the USA and schlepping lots of heavy bags, my right shoulder froze up. Lifting it was painful. At first I thought it might just resolve itself so I didn’t think much about it. After a few months it hadn’t improved so I went my doctor who suggested taking Ibuprofen up to 4 times a day. I tried that for a week or so but, of course, it didn’t resolve the problem and I don’t like taking tablets for any length of time. I also started yoga lessons, which sometimes helped for a day or so. After six months of a painful frozen shoulder, I started to look around for an osteopath. This was about the same time I started the collagen. Three weeks into the collagen I noticed that my shoulder was getting better. Now after 30 days, there is hardly any stiffness or pain at all. Maybe my shoulder would have gotten better without the collagen – I can’t say for sure. All I know is that it was very bad before I started and now its 99% better. I would never have thought to take collagen for a frozen shoulder or for my eyesight. I’m glad I’m vain enough to take it for my skin!

Collagen Smoothie Recipe: The collagen is a bit yucky so I blend it into a morning smoothie. I usually mix whole milk, a few scoops of Usana Nutrimeal, a 1/2 banana and some ice cubes. Sometimes I prefer a fruit smoothie and I’ll mix it with fruit juice, a banana, some frozen fruit and maybe a bit of Usana Nutrimeal.
You can buy Colla C, Dermalift and Somato 8 from Look for the internet specials! And please come back an let us know if it works for you.

After only 1 month, I’m completely convinced of these products and will be suggesting them to my 75 years young Mom. I’ll keep you posted…

For more information read our anti-aging skin care page.

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