DMSO Uses – pain relief & anti-inflammatory

DMSO has many uses. Sports teams and Olympic athletes use it as a pain killer and to reduce swelling. Arthritis sufferers use it to reduce joint pain and improve their quality of life. It is also being used to prevent herpes outbreaks, treat scar tissue and other skin conditions. Read the many comments on this post to see how people are using this substance for pain relief.

But what is DMSO and why is it so controversial?

DMSO is dimethyl sulfoxide, a by-product in converting trees to paper. It has industrial uses as an antifreeze and as a solvent for a wide range of chemicals. There are also a wide range of medical uses. It has a remarkable capacity to penetrate skin and tissue and enter the bloodstream. It can also carry substances with it into the bloodstream, and while it has a very low index of toxicity, any toxins present from negligent manufacturing processes can be potentially dangerous.

The Side Effects of DMSO

Compared to many other drugs, DMSO is very safe with few side effects. It can cause skin irritation and people who use it will have a garlicky smell for a brief spell after applying it to the skin. You can even taste it a little.

The FDA has only approved it for the treatment of a single rare condition, not because of known side effects, but rather, because there is little evidence of its effectiveness for treating other conditions.

The medical community and the FDA are very concerned by the lack of rigorous research confirming its benefits and ensuring its safe use. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that medical research will get financed because it is not a substance that pharmaceutical companies can patent and earn money on. Further to this, it is difficult to carry out double blind studies because the garlic taste and smell make it impossible to eliminate the placebo effect.

Nonetheless, it is widely used in the former Soviet Union and other countries around the world, and a trial conducted by the Japanese Rheumatism Association concluded that DMSO relieved joint pain and increased range of joint motion and grip strength.

Three Grades of DMSO

There are three grades available: industrial grade (may contain toxins and is not for human use for humans or animals); veterinary grade (widely used for race horses); and medical grade which is classed as a prescription drug.

Because of the lack of FDA approval in the USA, the DMSO that is sold in health food stores and on the internet can only be sold as a solvent. There is no regulation to control how it is manufactured, and for this reason, it is thought by some people to be dangerous to use.

Who makes it?

There is only one manufacturer in the USA, Gaylord, a company based in Louisiana. Gaylord makes DMSO in various grades and they are thought to be pure and safe, however, it remains unapproved by the FDA and, therefore, can only be sold as a solvent to humans.

How to Use

DMSO is available as a cream, gel and liquid in various strengths. The most common strength for most uses is 70% (70/30). It can be applied to the skin to relieve joint pain and reduce swelling. It can be applied to burns to give immediate pain relief.

Anything on the surface of the skin will be carried into the bloodstream, so always take heed to apply to very clean skin. It is best to use your bare hands (not gloves) and wash them well before and after applying.

Some people like to combine DMSO with herbs and essences. Mixing it with any substance should be carried out with great caution because it will carry these substances with it into the bloodstream.

Using DMSO to prevent herpes outbreaks

At the first sign of an outbreak (tingling sensation) apply to the nape of the neck (for sores around the mouth) or at the base of the spine (for genital herpes). Also apply it to the sores themselves. Repeat twice a day for a maximum of three consecutive days. This should prevent a full blown herpes outbreak. If you already have a full-blown outbreak, apply as above to speed up the healing process and relive pain.

For information on the relationship between iron and herpes outbreaks Click Here.

Click here to buy DMSO at a discount!

It is important to note that DMSO is great for treating symptoms, but is not a cure for the underlying cause of a condition. For example, it will kill pain of tendinitis, but it will not cure it. It will prevent herpes outbreaks and reduce the swelling and pain of arthritis, but it does not kill the herpes virus or cure arthritis.

There are many uses for DMSO and many people use it for effective drug free pain relief. However, until the FDA approves its wider use, it will continue to be sold as a solvent to humans. Race horses are luckier – veterinary grade DMSO uses are common practice.

Ref: Dr Jacobs

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123 responses to “DMSO Uses – pain relief & anti-inflammatory

  1. Judy Stephenson

    The FDa denial to Dmso is travesty to AMErican arthritis suffering. I have used vet DMSO for 1 yr and healed soft tissue injuries from rollover auto accident. We need to demand more clinicals to add more uses of this remarkable drug

  2. Judy,
    What are your thoughts on using DMSO to soften scar tissue caused by a serious traffic accident?

  3. Postal zip is 15801-2758. Became very excited about DMSO when I finally found it on the Internet as per Kevin Tredeau’s book. I have not used this and would like to start using it as it hit me as an answer. I am fed up with”live with the pain, there is nothing that can make things better” I absolutely don’t agree . I am 73, wife 72. She fell, broke her wrist and has lost strength, motion, her doctors brush her off. Myself right knee replacement Oct.2007, 3 blood clots below knee previously, don’t have enough motion so I thought DMSO would help. Feel strongly it will. So I need you all to inform me the price, size to order, total amount to send as I will probably send a M.O. to make things faster. I disposed of all credit cards a while back. The videos are blurry and incomplete, but I remain excited. Also, I am tired of being laughed at. Can hardly wait to hear from you.

  4. We are 72/73. Want to try DMSO asap for pain at knee and pain at wrist bones for wife (she fell & broke her wrist 6 wks. ago ) Need to know size, price to my residence. Will send M.O. when I know. New customer here sso what you all decide is fine as I am excited about your product.

  5. Hi Leclacomb,
    I’m very sorry, but we don’t sell DMSO on this site. I suggest you go to to purchase DMSO and also check for information about DMSO. I’ve removed your telephone from this site to you won’t get any unwanted calls.
    I hope DMSO works for you and your wife. Please come back and tell us how it goes.
    Very best wishes,

  6. Dr. A.K. Smith

    Wondering about “topical health formulas” containing significant amount of DMSO as to FDA, FCC, etc., regulations?
    Can find nothing definitive anywhere about products containing DMSO used to solvate certain ingredients not amenable to aqueous, alcohol, prop-glycol, etc. for topical solutions.
    Any ideas?

  7. Sorry. I can’t help you with this question. I imagine the FDA or the FCC would be the places to contact. Good luck.

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  9. I was first introduced to DMSO when my horse slipped into a ground hog hole and badly injured her leg–applying it a couple of times a day for several weeks was the only thing that gave her any relief–after discovering how much the veterinarian solution helped her, I seared for the “human” variety, and found I could order the cream, gel, and liquid at a specialized vitamin store. For me, the liquid seems to work the best. I use it for very painful arthritic problems.

  10. Over 40 years ago I heard about DMSO and since I was suffering from severe bursitis in my right shoulder, I went to a veterinary supplier who had it 55 gallon drums. He drew off a pint bottle for me and I took it home, scrupulously washed the painful area, as advised by the supplier and applied the DMSO topically. I did this for less than 1 month and have not been bothered with pain since. I can highly recommend DMSO to any sufferer.

  11. I have suffered from Muscular atrophy in my shoulder since tearing my rotator cuff. Some times the pain got unbearable. I was told by my doctor you can either have surgery to scrape the bone which could give you a little more freedom but no guarantee, learn to live with it or take medications that you could get addicted to to ease the pain.
    NO way after all the rehab I have done am I going to go back in to surgery that may not work or take drugs to get by.
    One day my granny seeing that I was in pain told me she had something that would take care of it. I asked her what it was… horse liniment she said. I WORKED.
    Latter I found out it was DMSO I have used it ever since when I start to hurt which after using it for about 3 months is less and less often. right now I can get a 4oz jar for $2.99 at my local Tractor Supply store so I hope the FDA never regulates it because then the price will go up and you will need a Rx for it!
    DMSO has saved my life!

  12. That’s a really helpful post! Thanks Pattie!

  13. Hi,

    my sister has a herpes outbreak on her upper lip and DMSO was suggested. We live in Germany and can’t get it here but a friend who will be visiting from the US offered to bring some. I found a comment somewhere that suggested that the stuff available from health food shops was not such a good idea to use and that from a pharmacy was better but that this would require a prescription which we, of course, do not have. Can anyone suggest the one that will be best to buy without a prescription, that will be safe to use for this or any other condition in people.
    Many thanks


  14. Your comments on DMSO purity are somewhat misleading as DMSO is manufactured by only one company in the US – Gaylord Inc. in Louisiana, and while they offer a couple of grades, if you study their tech literature you will find eveything they make is virtually the same ( quite pure) which is quite safe to use.
    While DMSO is useful, it’s “miracle” results in arthritis are greatly overplayed, however if one can get in on a trauma site such as a sprain or bone break within minutes of the event, DMSO does do some amazing things.
    Dr. Stanley Jacobs was one of my professors in med school and his problems with the FDA are very interesting.
    And, for what it’s worth, what the FDA’s actual position on DMSO is, is quite unclear and they will not comment on this issue..

  15. Many thanks for this Dr. Smith. I wasn’t aware of Gaylord. They are indeed the only manufacturer in the Americas.

    I was just on their website and they look to be manufacturers/wholesalers. I didn’t see how I could actually purchase DSMO from them in smaller quantities. So for us consumers health food shops and online retailers are where we look for DMSO.

    Thanks for the endorsement of Dr Jacob. He sells DMSO online at reasonable prices.

    I notice that you posted a while back. Were you able to find what you were looking for?
    I came across a thread on a body building site when I was trying to find out more about DMSO and soft tissue. There might be something of interest here:

    Thanks so much for coming back and updating.

  16. you say this about
    “There are good instructions on how to use it, useful FAQs and research papers.” i only see products for sale there, no information on the products themselves or how to use them.

  17. Sorry. Try his info site:

    Remember, because DMSO is not supported by the FDA, people are careful about what they say about it.

    Hope this helps.

    Best wishes!

  18. thank you!

  19. Can anyone tell me if this product should be crystalized in the container it comes in? My bottle, supposedly 99% pure, has crystalized in the liquid and ‘rattles’ when I shake the bottle. New to DMSO, I’m concerned about using this particular bottle until I get an answer. Thanks!

  20. Hi Judy,
    I’m not sure. I’ve had a bottle of 99% for a couple of years and it hasn’t crystalized. I hope some of the other people who comment can help.

  21. rick sarasota fl

    I have chronic lower back pain and tendonitis in both elbows . I bought dmso at my local farm supply store for 7 dollars . I am going to give it a try and see how it helps

  22. I just bought some DSMO at the feed store. It is a clear gel, distributed by FWI, Tulsa OK
    I got it for arthiritis pain. I was told it is suppossed to be good. Did I get the right stuff? How often can I use it without causing complications?

  23. After a number of requests to buy DMSO on this site we have added a few links to the main article that where you can buy DMSO cream, gel, liquid or roll-on at discount prices.
    I hope this helps those looking for DMSO.

  24. Hi, I was reading this and this message is for leclaycomb. I have tried DMSO for the past 3 years on pink eye and I have tried it in many other ways. It is a wonderful product for pain relief. Let me know if your still interested in some advice. Sorry I didn’t read further but if anyone else is interested and in pain as well I will let them know as well. Im doing this because my sister has rheumatoid arthritis and I know the pain.

  25. Thanks Ernesto. This is really helpful.

  26. I used it treat my eczema and viola gone in days!

  27. While I use DMSO for injuries (mixed with melaleuca oil for antibacterial properties 2:1), I have found 1-2 tsp apple cider vinegar in 8 oz water up to TID to be marvelously beneficial for bone/soft tissue issues. DMSO works almost instantly, but the apple cider vinegar has become a lifestyle choice for other ongoing benefits (weight loss, skin problems). I know when I don’t take it… Also, aspirin (2 tabs daily) and 400 I.U. vitamin E tocopherol daily for blood thinning; also useful topically for scar tissue reduction. I am a very active 63 yr old female.

  28. Pilates Classes LA

    How regulated is DMSO? If it’s not FDA approved, what kind of danger would I be putting myself in by using it? I suffer from a lot of joint and back pain, and am interested, but don’t want to harm myself

    Thanks in advance

  29. I can only recommend that you link through to the websites in the article and read through the posts. It is not regulated and there are various opinions on its safety. There may be more effective ways to treat your back and joint paint. DMSO treats the symptom – like a pain killer. It won’t get to the root cause.

  30. Great tips here for maintaining great health. Thank you!

  31. I would like to let everyone know how effective DMSO is on burns. We keep a DMSO rollon in the kitchen at all times. When a burn occurs, liberally immediately apply the DMSO. It will sting a little but the burn will not blister and will heal rapidly without pain. We buy ours at and we also use it for joint imflammation and swelling.

  32. I wonder why the FDA is acting so anti DMSO when there are so many drugs out there with tremendous harmful effects and yet here is a wonder drug for pain and they dont want to approve it, it makes people skeptical, however I have read the book by Dr.Jacobs and am trying the MSM since a month now , Ive been on pain killers since age 17 I am 46 now, over the past week I have reduced the pain killers and actually was able to walk around in the mall today.

  33. I have used dmso for over 50 years as a pain relief medication and have found it to be the best healing agent for severe burns , probably the best disinfectant
    available for infection . use for a topical
    dressing . will crystalize at 52 degrees ferenhiet excellent pain relief for sprains and bruises

  34. My daughter is 16 years old & lives with pain daily. Shes head major surgery for a tumor on sacrum. She is athletic, but the pain is beginning to debilitate her. She has scoliosis pain, ankle pain, spinal injury pain from tumor, scar tissue pain from surgery. We have been told that this is how she will be rest of her life. I don’t believe in oxycotins especially for her age. No one can help….please advise about dmso & my daughter she needs relief. Besides what amount of pain will she be in when she is 50, if she is so bad now? Please help meee, please help her!!!

  35. Dear Elena J,
    What a tragic situation for you and your daughter. I’m not a health practitioner so could not begin to advise you on this. The only thing I can say is that when I was in a situation where doctors said that debilitating dizzy spells were my ‘cross to bear’ for the rest of my life, I went to an alternative practitioner who was very skilled with homeopathy and she cleared my condition. I’m not saying that homeopathy is right for your daughter. What I am saying is that you might want to try alternative health practitioners who specialize in pain relief.

    My condition was diagnosed 20 years ago and now there are simple exercises that treat the symptoms successfully. (My homeopath treated the cause!) So there is always the hope of new therapies for someone as young as your daughter.

    DMSO reduces inflammation which is why people use it for sports injuries and arthritis. There are also reports from users that it is effective on scar tissue, however, I’m not aware of what kind of scar tissue or how it helped.

    Keep an eye on this thread. Someone in a similar situation may respond.

    I wish you and your daughter success in finding a therapy.

  36. Thank you Brenda, I will keep watch on this site. I understand and appreciate you taking the time to resound to me. It’s hard to find the right homeopathic doctors, butt I will always keep trying to find relief…I tease her and say I’m going to an indian reservation witch doctor. But thank you and I will continue to watch. Merry Christmas.

  37. Hi I recently put dmso on my knee and felt relief, but putting it on my husbands shoulder he said it really stung and washed it off. Is this normal or do some people react differently then others. I purchased it from a local farm store.

  38. Someone asked in November why the FDA would not address other medicines that are known to cause problems and go after ones that really help people and have no real side effect issues (or at least dangerous ones) such as DMSO or MMS. The answer is money & Big Pharma.

    Big Pharma has the FDA in their back pocket & will do anything they can to stop alternative medicines. Why do you think Big Pharma has an average of 2 lobbyist per Washington Representative?

    Did you know a cure for cancer has been known for decades but attacked & suppressed by the AMA, FDA & Rockefeller Institute? go find the book “the Cancer cure That Worked: by Barry Lyons and read about the early doctors that were attacked & ridiculed because they followed a different approach to cancer & medicine.

    It is all about the money. Cancer is America’s holocaust.

    If you don’t know about MMS & Jim Humble, search the Web.

  39. I find that repeated use can cause irritation if I use liquid. Your husband might do better with a cream?

  40. I agree that good homeopaths are hard to find. I found mine through a friend of a friend. You might also want to look into Chinese medicine. They have some very interesting therapies.

  41. I was just referred to this product to mix with baking soda and put the mixture on my dogs external cancerous skin tumors. Yesterday was day one so we will see if it stops them from growing. I am very encouraged however by reading all of these posts. While I was researching to see if DMSO can be ingested somehow to help my Riley with her internal cancers, I have seen enough info that leads me to want to try this for my own aches and pains. Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences. It has helped me greatly.

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  43. Brenda,
    I have not had any experience with DMSO however after reading the previous comments and other website research, I think I would like to try it out, having frequent lower back pain & inflammation. I had read elsewhere that DMSO can be applied with other ingredients to act as a carrier. I’m curious as to what other ingredients can be applied with it for maximum benefit to strained tendons, muscles, or inflamed areas.

  44. I’ve also read about using DMSO as a carrier. I personally would be cautious about experimenting with carriers.

    Perhaps other readers can get back with their experiences?

  45. Greetings folks.
    Has any body out there got experience of use
    with ‘ DMSO & Tea Tree Oil’ mix as a Topical application for Skin Cancer Tumors ?

  46. I’ve been using DMSO for a few years now. It’s been a huge blessing to have when I had dental abscesses. A tooth abscess is notoriously difficult to treat and oral medications often do not help. I used DMSO to ‘transport’ the antibiotic through the gum and jaw inside the mouth and topically on the outside (under the jaw at the level of the tooth). Using it in combination with raw garlic, neem oil, oil of oregano, grapefruit seed oil, colloidal silver, and baking soda (not necessarily all at one time) rapidly stopped the progression of abscess and the pain completely. I have also found it’s worked wonders for my lower back pain, and softened scar tissue from cuts and within finger joints due to surgery.

    I would caution anyone using DMSO that is stored in plastic containers (such as from vets and lumber supply places) with the exception of what is sold from (They have bottles safe for transporting through the mail that are “poly plastic”. This is said to be safe for this kind of solvent.) DMSO will break down other types of plastics and things like rubber gloves. If using your bare hands to apply it, wash with very pure soap (not liquid soaps unless it’s something like a pure castille soap) and know that nail polish will also come off (and likely get transported into your bloodstream) with the solvent.

  47. Thank you for this excellent information!

  48. can applying dmso have any impact ..interaction.,on drugs im actully taking for blood pressure or other (anxiety,depression)thanks

  49. I have suffered from reumatiod arthritis and fibermialgia for many yrs. I recently have had extreem pain in my heels and back of my legs ,from standing all day. my husband got a bottle of DMSO for me and put it on my affected areas after rubbing my legs with alcolhol first to reduce bacteria transfer through my skin . I got up and walked around with markedly reduced pain , Im going to keep trying this because I cant walk very well otherwise , and this seems to have a positive affect on my pain after two uses . I am only 49 yrs old to young to be crippled from arthritis this is giving me hope so far .

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