What People Say About Tooth Soap

Vitality Products make an amazing organic tooth soap. Read these two testimonials from the Tooth Soap website:

“I really couldn’t tell you how long I have been using Tooth Soap®, but I will guess at about 8-9 months. Before using the tooth soap I had severe sensitivity and my gums were receding, slowly but too fast for my taste!! I can now eat ice cream or drink an iced drink without the sharp pains that would cause me to hesitate. My gums no longer “regularly” bleed while brushing or flossing and have a very healthy pink color to them…and I might add the receding has seemingly slowed to a halt. I battle hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia and I can attest to the reality that you can first and foremost “sense” your well being in your teeth. I am so very pleased with the Tooth Soap®, thank you!”

— Denise

“I can’t believe that after 2 weeks of using the Tooth Soap® my gums are healed! And I haven’t even started all the suggestions in the book that came with it. Anyone that reads this – don’t even think about it. Buy it!”

— Doug McG

If you have any dental problems such as cavities, receding or bleeding gums and sensitive teeth and you haven’t tried Tooth Soap yet, this is a great chance for you to buy it cheap. Buy it now! You save money today on Tooth Soap, and you save much much more on your dental bills for years to come.

DISCLAIMER: These testimonials do not imply that similar results will happen with your use of our products. We have no competent or reliable scientific evidence to suggest that the testimonialist’s experience is due to the use of our products. These testimonials are not intended to recommend any supplement as a drug, as a diagnosis for specific illnesses or conditions, nor as a product to eliminate diseases or other medical conditions or complications. We make no medical claims as to the benefits of any of our products to improve medical conditions.

These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). To prevent our products from being classified as drugs under Section 201(g) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, we are required to inform you that there is no intention, implied or otherwise that represents or infers that these products or statements be used in the cure, diagnosis, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease.

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