No Cavities! Again!

I went to the dentist last week and, once again, I had no cavities, no bone loss and my gums are healthy.

From 2003 to 2005, I began to have loads of problems with my mouth:

  • Hypersensivity – My teeth were so sensitive I had to take aspirin before eating.
  • Gum disease – receeding gums despite daily flossing and brushing.
  • Bone loss – I actually lost a tooth!
  • Decay – No matter how often I cleaned, or what I ate, I had decay every time I went to the dentist. I even had to have a root canal. My teeth had also become very brittle.

I was sure that I would be toothless in 10 years and I was paying loads of money in dental bills.

I started taking vitamins especially calcium and magnesium. Lots of calcium and magnesium! After about 3 months I noticed that my teeth were no longer sensitive. During these 3 months I began using Hydrogen Peroxide solution (1%) to rinse and clean in between my teeth, especially where the gums had receded. And then I discovered Tooth Soap and the education they provide with their products which supported what I was doing and provided me with a product that would support my regime.

Since I started taking care of my teeth and gums this way, I have not had a single cavity, my gums have stabilized and the bone loss has stopped (proven by my dentist’s x-rays!).

It took me years to figure this out. You can read everything I know for free here.

Big dental bills are a thing of the past for me. I now only pay for cleaning and a check up every 6 months.

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