Time to cleanse! Time to Detox!

Its that time of year again. We take stock, we make some promises and we keep a few. One promise that is easy to keep is a cleanse. It’s a great way to start the New Year and prepare our bodies for the spring and summer. An annual cleanse and detox is recommended for excellent health all year round.

The ideal order for cleansing your body is:

Colon Cleanse – essential to clear your gut first!

Kidney Cleanse – Try filtered water with fresh lemon or lemon concentrate. Sweeten with maple syrup and spice with cayenne which is a great blood cleanser. Some people fast on this, but I don’t. 7 days should do it. People with lower back pain should definitely cleanse their kidneys!

Parasite Cleanse – if you’ve got pets that might have worms, this one is good.

Liver Cleanse – I’ve read a lot about Liver Flushes and tried a few, but never felt any different after one so I assume that I didn’t need them. Some were difficult and uncomfortable. If you want to try one, this one’s not too bad: http://curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=886965. Milk thistle and apple juice are good for the liver. I prefer to drink lots of apple juice when in season and add a bit of Milk Thistle concentrate. (Available at any Health Food store. I do this for about a week.

Lymph Cleanse –  dry brushing, alternating hot/cold showers or alternating between the sauna and a cold shower, walking, exercise – anything that get your circulation going. Your lymph system removes toxins from your blood, but doesn’t have a pump to move the fluid around. Keeping your fluid intake up helps keep lymph fluid thin.

There are many more ways to cleanse your body, but these are the basics.

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