Causes of Acne – Vegetable Oils?

Since a reader commented on the Coconut Oil page that all oil is the same, I’ve had my eye out for information about vegetable oils. The writer of the article below, Jack Venta, says that vegetable oil was the cause of his acne.

It’s not surprising when you consider that many unrefined vegetable oils go rancid at room temperature and many refined vegetable oils are extracted with toxic chemical solvents such as hexane, then undergo treatment to remove the solvents and, finally, are subjected to very high heat and straining to deodorize and bleach the oils. It is hard to imagine that these vegetable oils are healthy and good for your skin.

An Appropriate Skin Care Regime and a Great Diet Make For Great Skin!

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But absolutely essential is a great diet and the absence of toxins in your food. Here is Jack Venta’s full article:

The Underground Acne Secret – What Causes Your Acne

By Jack Venta
Most acne sufferers don’t realize what causes their acne! I used to suffer from chronic acne, and it wasn’t until I found out about the underground secret acne causing factor that I began to really clear my skin. Today I have perfectly clear skin…

So what is this secret to destroying acne?

Food is a major cause of your acne. Like it or not what you eat every day determines whether you get acne. Eat the wrong foods and you will never clear your skin.

No amount of money spent on cleanser ‘systems’ or ‘miracle’ acne pills will stop your acne unless you have an extremely mild form of acne. And if you are reading this article I would bet you have worse acne than that!

So you need to make some changes to your diet IF you want the clear skin you desire. There other factors to why you get acne, but at least 75% of your acne is caused by food. This is a fact that all nutritionists know, but your dermatologist will never tell you (and they probably don’t even know themselves!)

So what changes must you make to clear your acne?

The most important change is avoiding a general type of food called vegetable oil. Vegetable oil causes hormonal inflammation that usually results in the nastier breakouts that you suffer from. That being said, it should be the first food you avoid, starting today!

When I quit consuming vegetable oils like sunflower oil, rapeseed oil and soy bean oil, my skin improved so dramatically that people were commenting on how good my skin looked all of sudden! If you do anything new today to clear up your skin, start cutting out vegetable oil from your diet.

To find out more about how I cleared my skin visit my free website now.

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Article Source:—What-Causes-Your-Acne&id=711551

28 responses to “Causes of Acne – Vegetable Oils?

  1. Many people get pink patches on their face if they consume vegetable/plant oils used in food, whether as salad dressing, or in cookies, or put on carne asada meat during the cooking at taco shops, for example, and many other things. This is very common, though, also, many people apparently don’t have reactions. But then, let’s refer to the maxim: “the poison is in the dose”.
    Yes, moderation is good, but with some things such as plant oils used in food, normal ‘healthy’ quantities of the food prepared with the oil can cause the pink patch reactions. Whereas you can eat beef, cheese, eggs, and sour cream – of course all in moderation, normal quantities – without such reactions, though yes, even with those, too much of them can also cause similar reactions. My experience has shown that the plant oils are more likely to cause reactions in normal quantities. And of course, there is the issue that the oils ‘go bad’ / ‘go rancid’, more or less, whether detectable or not by normal senses, giving further ‘evidence of fuel’ as to why such reactions occur. Remember, the body reveals what is good for you and not good for you. It’s up to you to be aware of what your body is indicating to you, and to figure it out. And stop or reduce consumption of what is causing the reactions.

  2. I was about to dismiss this out of hand. I was working in research into acne until very recently and knew that up until about 2004 there had never been a study that showed any link between diet and acne.

    I did take the trouble to do a quick review before I started writing just to make sure that nothing had come up in the meantime.

    To my surprise there has been a respectable study that drew a link.

    The study was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. Unfortunately I don’t subscribe to that journal so I couldn’t read the whole paper. The summary simply said that rates of recovery from acne were higher in a group with a low glyceamic diet than a high one.

    This is consistent with the proposal that dropping vegetable oil from the diet being helpful for acne. It is hardly proof though. It could simply be losing weight that is helping, as the authors themselves suggest. I would need a lot more evidence before giving up such a basic part of the diet.

  3. People who have acne and get results through changes in their diet have proof enough, I should think.

  4. I understand ‘acne’ to be ‘pimples’ – ‘white heads’ or ‘pink mounds with puss’, and ‘pink patches’, such as what I refer to in my above post, to be merely a ‘rash like’ reaction of pinkish skin, that becomes flaky, without puss/pimple.

  5. Thanks for clarifying.

  6. Scott Jones

    The manufactured partially hydrogenated and hydrogenated vegetable oils, and fried foods, are the most likely to cause acne. The oils, or excess fats from other foods, such as some cheeses or how the cheeses are consumed and what quantities, without the hydrogenation manufacturing, typically won’t cause acne, but rather a pink rash, typically on the face, forehead, or temples area. Different people have different susceptibilities to these symptoms. Some people aren’t susceptible.

  7. Could it be the quality of the oil, or perhaps rancid oils that is the cause?

    Sure ‘proper trials’ are needed. But in the meantime, people with acne could eliminate vegetable oil and see what happens. It will either work or not work.

  8. Stressing about your diet probably does not help “acne” either. Keeping healthy with exercise might help. I think if you have acne (my own opinion), you should just ride it out. There are scar treatments out there, it is not the end of the world. It should go away by itself.

    having said that, I have heaps of acne RIGHT NOW! It is not pleasant, but stressing about it is only going to make it worse. Eat whatever foods you like to eat, in balance with healthy fruits and vegetables. I do not think, for myself, after trying a modified diet, that diet contributes much to acne at all.

    Having said that, proper trials should be run, on something like vegetable oil and acne. However, just think about this, people without acne consume heaps of vegetable oils, they do not get acne. It is stress and other issues probably.

  9. Scott Jones

    The ‘cleanliness’ of the colon and lymph system could also be factors. And again, different people/different bodies, – different reactions. Some bodies/people have ‘greater’ ‘buffering systems’ or ‘eliminative systems’, some bodies/people have more ‘visibly symptomatic systems’. Everyone’s body does not react entirely the same because there are so many other variables in addition to being a different body with somewhat different physiology. However commonalities due to certain factors can be very evident.

    My stand on this: Vegetable oils such as corn, soy, sesame, olive, safflower, canola,….don’t cause acne, but are more likely to cause pink blemishes, or small rashes, typically on the face.

    However, fried foods(such as chips, fishnchips, fritos, fried whatever, etc.), and foods with partially or fully hydrogenated vegetable oils(some chips, various baked products containing them, snickers bars, etc.) are very likely to cause pimples/acne in some people.

    Stress correlations haven’t been evident to me. I’ve never had an acne problem though.

  10. I used to eat junk food, sugary food, chocolates and just normal dietary needs, before I had a motorcycle accident. I did not have acne. I even drank canola oil straight for extra calories, I was looking to bulk up, I was doing weights. I never had very many pimples at all. Growing up, I sometimes only used to eat one meal a day, just chips from a hot food store, and years of non-healthy eating, but I did not get acne. Only right at the end of my high-school years, did I get a bit of acne, that was probably due to an SSRI drug the doctor gave me, which gave me this condition, I think anyway.

    The point to my story is this. I had modified my diet for about a year or so, and it made very little differenct to my ACNE. However, I did get thicker hair and better nails, so eating a healthy diet does help keep you more healthy. However, it did NOTHING whatsoever for my skin.

    If you suffer from acne, forget about the dietary links, until they are proven beyond any reasonable doubts, that certain foods cause acne definitely. Do not waste your time or stress yourself thinking that changing your diet will do much for your acne. It probably will not, it did not for me. This comes from 1 years experience, just eat what you like in balance, eat fresh fruits and raw nuts might help. Drink lots of water. These things keep you healthier to deal with acne.

    I say it is other factors that cause acne. Do rich people get acne? Probably not. (just my theory about living conditions, and health in general)

  11. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! I find what I read in here very misleading! HOW CAN ACNE BE DUE TO FOOD?? There is no way this can be… PLease, everybody knows people who eat 10 times worst than oneself and who don’t get a single cyst, pimple. I have never benefited from any of the “healthy” diets, nor drinking “appropiate” amount of water. My grandma is diabetic and has never had a pimple! My father is an obese alcoholic and doesn’t have a pimple! All my flatmate eats is junk food and has the most beautiful skin! One of the things my cousins, friends and boyfriend most use in salads and foods is different oils and they have PERFECT skin. I take care, I research, I eat balanced, have high immune system, never need to take any medication except for acne (which i take only out of desperation, cause if i knew of something more normal, less toxic, I would go for it). I have cystic and nodular acne since 17 years ago. I am now on accutane since almost a month ago, but tomorrow i’m going to the derm cause of the side effects: for him to lower the dossage or suspend it, cause it is depression its giving me more and more by the day and i have no motive to be depressed, on the contrary.
    During all these years I have had blood tests done, and never ever had an hormonal imbalance showed up. My thyroids are perfect, my reproductive organs as well. I have tried almost everything. This coarse of roacuttan I am taking right now at 30 years old, is the 3rd one (the other two were at 14 and 16 years old). All were under “excelent” dermatologists supervision.

    What else is there to try… I will never undergo antibiotic taking ever again, I will never buy more chemicals to put on my skin even though they are “prescribed by responsible and knowledgeble doctors” … they are all loaded with parabens (preservatives), irritants, carcinogenics… many of them building up in your system.

    No further comments..

    Belén from Paraguay, presently in Dubai.

  12. Dear Belen,
    I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had no success at treating your acne. One thing I really believe in is that we are all different and while one person can eat rubbish food and have perfect skin someone else can have an excellent diet and still suffer from acne (although I would maintain that a poor diet will eventually catch up on the person eating rubbish and cause other health problems).

    I’m currently exploring Chinese acupuncture and herbs for menopause with excellent results. I have also started Dr Stephen Chang’s ‘Internal Healing Exercises’ which work on energizing and balancing the internal organs. It’s very esoteric, but I feel great.

    If changes in diet aren’t working for you then this simply isn’t the cause. Keep searching. Have a look at Chinese medicine, it might work for you.

    Good luck and good health,

  13. I’d been using Canola oil for cooking for at least ten years and my skin had been near perfect. I moved from the US to Nigeria almost a year ago, once my supply of Canola oil ran out I started buying vegetable oil (canola is not readily available).

    I’ve had terrible acne for the past 9 months or so and just had a lighbulb moment a few days ago that I most likely have been reacting to vegetable oil in my diet. So now I am staying off it and will wait to see the changes.

    For anyone wondering about a substitute, Canola may work for you if you’re not too sensitive. Good luck!

  14. This is very helpful. Many thanks Anne. Let us know how it goes.

  15. You can try doing a little research “Wizzles”.

  16. I recommend cooking your own food and using olive, coconut oil or butter. If you make it a habit of reading the ingredients on prepared and packaged foods you’ll find that most use vegetable oils (rape seed, soy, corn, sunflower etc.). Restaurants will also most likely use these oils. Better restaurants will be able to tell you what they use and perhaps use olive oil on request.
    I recently found some Newman’s Own dressing made with olive oil. It was very good. You just have to check the lables.
    Good luck.

  17. I used to smoke 2 packs a day and live on junk food and had beautiful skin. Now in my 30’s, I quit smoking and adopted a healthy, organic diet which i cut out sugar and nearly all fats and my skin is constantly breaking out in huge cysts especially on my cheeks. I give up. I cannot clear up my skin for anything.

  18. Dayna,
    Go back to smoking and junk food and see what happens.

    But, stick with basic four food groups, with quality food as you can afford, such grass fed beef which is likely better for you than standard grainfed stockyard beef, which could be factor in some acne causation, for example; and then fruits, vegetables, grains, eggs, milk products,….all as your body indicates, really see what agrees or doesn’t agree with your body.

    But in any case clean your intestines and lymph by certain cleansing products, and get your self to a point where you can be healthy with good moderation in living; get adequate physical activity, eat food your body agrees with in appropriate quantities, not overating but eating as ‘necessary’. And enjoy.

    Fats and starches, depending on their qualities and quantities, and how your body handles them, are the main causes of acne. You just have to figure it out.

    And if you have a problem with acne, work on cleaning your body appropriately, because that’s a typical factor in addition to the diet, which if done inappropriately leads to a build up within the body that could benefit from some reasonable cleansing ‘administering’, such as with some herbal/bulking products(colonics and enemas have also been tools of the ‘practice’ of focused cleansing).

    ‘Too much’ fruit, vegetable, and ‘seeds’, is not good.

    Just eat as the body finds to be in balance, while being mindful of any indicators your body shows.

    Eat the basic four food groups, including animal products; and if you can get quality grown/raised stuff, whether ‘conventional’ or ‘organic’, all the better.

  19. This is very sensible advice! Find out what your body needs. We’re all different. And we need to eat a balanced and sensible diet which includes healthy fats like butter, olive oil and coconut oil. Eating a variety of foods means you’ll get a variety of vitamins and minerals. I take supplements as well.

    If you are looking to cleanse try Blessed Herbs. Read more here:
    If you’ve got a local sauna you can use, go once or twice a week.

    And remember to exercise regularly – walking is best.

    And I almost forgot, relax and enjoy your food!

  20. It’s not surprising that refined vegetable oils contribute to acne. The government labels such oils as “healthy,” but such oils are extracted at very high temperatures using solvents like hexane, yielding toxins and causing rancidity. The government is highly subsidizing corn and soybeans, and at the same time they are recommending corn and soy oil. Hmm! These oils didn’t exist just 100 years ago and are essentially a result of the industrial food system. They are not a good choice for cooking and actually have been shown to contribute to heart disease. The healthiest fats are those which we’ve been eating successfully for thousands of years, such as butter, coconut oil, and olive oil. The quality of the oil matters as well. The least processing it undergoes the better, or the closest to how nature intended the better. For butter it would be organic raw grass-fed, for coconut oil it would be organic extra virgin cold-pressed, and for olive oil it would be organic extra virgin cold-pressed. Whatever oil you use, if it’s organic/cold-pressed it’s going to be a lot better than the cheap industrial version of the oil.

  21. I forgot to mention: Do not be afraid of good quality saturated fat as such fats have been falsely accused. Information is all around us which debunks the “low fat” diet theory. Quality of calories is more important than quantity.

  22. Thanks for the info on fats. I couldn’t agree with you more!

    In my 50’s and with heart disease a big problem in my family, I keep a close eye on my cholesterol. Although I eat saturated and mono-saturated fats (butter, coconut oil, olive oil and sesame oil) my bad cholesterol is low. I eat a lot of oats, almonds and whole grains which keeps my good cholesterol high. My total cholesterol is slightly high, but my doctor agrees with me that this doesn’t matter.

    And my weight is normal too. What put weight on me are carbohydrates not fats.

  23. I did a diet of just fruit and fresh vegetables for a week and my skin dramatically improved. When I added food back in, I broke out when I ate cake, when I ate chocolate, when I ate crackers…long story short, the thing I found to make me break out was vegetable oil. I now use olive oil when cooking (olives are fruits because they grow on trees) and butter instead of margarine. I don’t eat packaged foods containing vegetable oil. Its been six weeks now and I haven’t had a single large pimple, the kind that swell under the skin. Just a few small ones sometimes that don’t hurt at all. Actually, I don’t put on tons of chemicals or lotions or toners anymore. I just wash my face twice a day. I am starting to wear less makeup too. Its a relief. Maybe some people’s acne is not caused by diet, but I do believe it aggravates acne in those people who are prone to it. You should try eliminating these oils, it could work for you. Just remember its in a lot of things, even this instant cappuccino mix I liked. Also, some processed cheeses have vegetable oil. Just a warning. But feta cheese and cream cheese had no effect of my skin. Another note, someone said maybe the weight loss associated with cutting out vegetable oil could be what decreased the acne. Well, cutting the vegetable oils did not make me lose weight. I eat just as much, I just eat differently. Anyway, good luck everyone, I hope my post helps someone.

  24. Jack, thank you so much for this information. I never knew that baking soda could be used to lessen acne. It’s nice to see a list of things that work from someone who’s tried everything. Like you, I have tried almost everything, and I know how it feels!

  25. I guess you were trying to sell a product all along. Oh well, you gave me the baking soda idea. If I want tips on acne, I’ll just go to

  26. There are a lot of people selling things online. Some good some bad. Just watch out for scams!

  27. I had skin acne some time ago. The best remedy which solved the problem was aloe. Just apply it on the face. This remedy truly works.

  28. Mole, acne has a unique cause with your body, what do you think your unique acne causative factor is?
    Suppose that, if the cause is eliminated, the acne may not occur. I would figure it’s a matter of eliminating a causative factor, rather than adding a substance for cure, – unless there is a deficiency -, as with many things in relation to health.

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