Cansema for removing skin cancer – Update

To recap, I put Cansema on a spot that I thought might just be an age spot, but that changed – sometimes it looked like a burn and sometimes it was dry with a small dark spot on it. I was worried that it was a skin cancer. I put Cansema on it and it formed a very sore scab which was close to falling off last time I posted.

On about the 12 day the scab fell off and left a very open sore which I kept clean and bandaged and which has now healed over. There is now a small scar about 1/3 the size of the original spot. The spot is completely gone.

The whole process seemed to take a very long time and it was quite painful in the first 8 days. I did take Ibuprofen a few times. But I am very pleased with the result. If it was a cancer, it’s gone. Next time I will definitely get a diagnosis from a doctor so that I will know for sure.

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  1. Where can I purchase Cansema in South Africa?

  2. I’m not sure. Contact:
    They may be able to ship it to you.
    All best!

  3. Brenda, just a few days ago I used Cancema for the first time and had a fierce reaction, the spot is now just puss and is painful enough for me to use pain killers particularly at night. I have also had a reaction, about 6 inches all around is an itchy watery rash. What about you ? I dont think a Drs diagnosis is necessary because if you apply it to a spot that is not cancer you wont have a reaction. In spite of the rash I developed I wont hesitate using it again as it really does work.

  4. Very similar reaction, but no rash. It was quite painful and got very swollen. It didn’t last lond and now I just have a tiny scar. Like you I wouldn’t hesitate to use it again, but I do want to get a diagnosis next time before hand.
    Would be great to hear how things go for you.

  5. Brenda, a week has passed since first applying Cancema, still have the rash which is still quite red, but not as itchy. The spot I treated has burst relieving the pain considerably. Have another couple of spots to treat but will wait till this one is healed properly. As a matter of interest what part of the world are you and is Cancema readily available ?

  6. I’m not sure where Cansema is currently. available. My father used to use it. He lived in Florida, but I’m not sure where he got it. I used his. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

    Thanks for updating your progress. It will be very helpful to others using Cansema.

  7. I just had a look at an article on Quackwatch. While I don’t agree with all of the article, I think it is important for anyone trying Cansema to read this first and, please, always get a diagnosis from a physician first so you can make an informed decision.

  8. On the news today – a sensible non-intrusive and effective treatment for non-melanoma skin cancers. With an 80% to 90% success rate this seems the very best and safest treatment available. Talk to your doctor!

  9. I am currently using Cansema on a lesion on my leg, and one on my lower back. I have not had these tested as my doctors (yes, several of them) refuse to test my skin for them. One doctor refused to come NEAR me the lesions on my face were open and blazing red. 🙂

    I did convince them to do blood work, and was told the results came back normal…..not sure if you can detect cancer through blood…..but at 37 years old, I refuse to allow this condition to continue.

    I have run into nothing but brick walls (my face has broken out with unhealing lesions for almost 20 years – then started forming on my legs/buttocks in the last 10). I have tried everything I can think of….and then I found Cansema.

    I am on day 3 – without being tested for cancer, the 2 lesions have become white and dry, with a dark centre (vent holes I am told). The pain is definitely there….but the emotional pain is far worse when you have to live like this for any period of time. I’ll do the Cansema, thanks!

    The area around the lesion swelled and became red on days 1 and 2 – now the swelling is gone and the pain is less. Hubby wants me to stop using it (it looks bad) but all the testimonials I have read online say the same thing. It WILL be unsightly….and way cheaper and effective than surgery/chemo.

    So far it looks like Cansema is working for me – and only on Day 3!!

  10. Hubby had dry skin spot size of pencil end (flat end) applied cancema 5 days ago. escar has formed but his face is very swollen. eyes are slits, nose swollen and lots of pain.
    my question is: did you keep escar moist or dry. have been told keep moist with aloevera and someone else said keep dry with hydrogen peroxide. Also he is truckdriver and sweats a lot on forehead..should he cover it and replace bandaid every day?? thanks

  11. I really don’t know. I hope your husband is healing well.

  12. M.D. says to keep it moist with antibiotic ointment and not to use hydrogen peroxide. Aloe vera would also work, I think. After the eschar falls out, you should put Vitamin E oil on it to speed healing.

  13. For those wondering where to get Cansema online:

  14. What a wonderful feeling. Finding Cansema in Australia. Treatment has been amazing.
    I have treated my hands, arms, & legs, & when our winter months are here I will treat my face. Yes my face, —- that is how sure I am of Cansema. No more surgery or having them frozen off as more often then not they have returned. A little bit of discomfort & pain but I am getting ALL the cancer. Nothing is being left behind. Being an out doors girl participating in Archery, Golf & Fishing I have had a few to treat , but they have healed very well. I visited a specialist & they were all confermed to be skin cancers, before I started the cansema treatment. I am so glad I did the treatment, & can’t wait to commence on my face 1 by 1. I did treat more that one at a time on my body, but it will be by 1’s where my face is concerned, as I have been advised that there will be some swelling. The vitamin E oil is great in the healing process. Have read other peoples coments about their experiences & yes I was nodding my head as I read their statments. I have experienced it all. BUT it was worth it. It certainly WORKS. Regards Judi Toon

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