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  • These are all 70% DMSO.
  • DMSO can irritate the skin if applied often to the same area. Both the Gel with Aloe and the Rose Creme are soothing and help with irritation.
  • The liquid comes in a glass bottle for those concerned with plastic.
  • The roll-on is handbag sized so very easy to take with you and is ideal for treating cold sores.
  • What is DMSO?

    It is dimethyl sulfoxide, a by-product of the paper industry. It can be used as an antifreeze and also as a solvent. It also has medicinal uses, and is used for topical pain relief and as an anti-inflammatory. Many arthritis sufferers use it successfully for joint pain, athletes use it to relieve sports injuries, and it is used to prevent and minimize herpes outbreaks.

    Compared to many other pain killers it has few side effects (e.g. skin irritation, a garlicky smell). Nonetheless, the FDA has only approved it for the treatment of a single rare condition (interstitial cystitis) because there is little empirical research to back up its effectiveness for treating other conditions. Please be aware that other uses are not approved by the FDA and therefore DMSO can only be sold as a solvent.

    It is used by many to treat symptoms, but it is not a cure!

    It is important to understand that many people use dimethyl sulfoxide successfully for treating many symptoms, but is not a cure for any condition. For example:

    • People use it to reduce the pain of tendinitis, but it does not cure tendinitis.
    • It is used to prevent herpes outbreaks and reduce the swelling, does not kill the herpes virus or cure herpes.
    • Arthritis sufferers say that it gives them immediate pain relief, but it does not cure arthritis.

    DMSO is not approved by the FDA for treating any of these ailments. Nonetheless, many people choose to use it successfully for pain relief.

    Where can you find DMSO?

    You will find it in some health stores, but it is easiest to find online.  If you are looking for where you can buy DMSO online at a discount, just CLICK HERE!

    Need to know more before you buy?

    Some people are concerned about using a product that is not FDA approved. Please visit our DMSO Uses page and also read the comment thread where people have posted many useful comments about their experiences.

    Please come back to How2GetHealthy and share you’re experiences. Your comments are so valuable to others.

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