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Coconut Oil at Discount Prices

Virgin Organic Coconut Oil  Discount Prices!

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Coconut Oil is a wonderfully healthy alternative to vegetable oils, saturated and hydrogenated fats. It is great for cooking, frying and baking, and can be used instead of Crisco and other hydrogenated fats in pastry, cakes and cookies. It is fantastic for roasted potatoes and popcorn and is a great oil to use in just about anything!

Buy Coconut Oil Bulk

Bulk Coconut Oil

1 Gallon Bucket of Coconut Oil from Tropical Traditions

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Why buy Bulk? Because you get a far better deal and coconut oil doesn’t go rancid like other vegetable oils so it keep longer and does not need to be refrigerated. So buy coconut oil bulk and really get the best online deals available!  In addition to cooking, frying and baking, this natural organic oil can be used for skin and hair care! Do yourself and your family a big favor and start using coconut oil today!

Why Buy Organic Virgin Coconut Oil?

The important difference between organic and non-organic coconut oil is in how they are produced. Virgin coconut oil is made with fresh ripe coconut kernel rather than dried copra like non-organic coconut oils. The oil is extracted at a low temperature with a mechanical process so the oil is not heated. It is also never refined, bleached or deodorized.

Organic coconut oil is free from chemicals throughout the manufacturing process. It tastes better and is better for you and your family!

Virgin or Extra Virgin?

Unlike olive oil that is pressed again and again to get various qualities grades of the oil, coconut oil only has one grade of organic oil. While some coconut oils are advertised as ‘extra’ virgin, there is absolutely no difference between virgin and ‘extra’ virgin so when you are shopping for coconut oil just ignore the ‘extra’ and look for a good price for a quality organic virgin coconut oil.

For more information on the benefits and side effects of Coconut Oil click here!

Buy Coconut Oil online now and start enjoying the many health benefits of Virgin Organic Coconut Oil.

2 responses to “Buy Coconut Oil – Get The Best Prices!

  1. I’m looking for the best quality and source of coconut oil to buy in bulk. Our company has created a wellness programme that has been quite well recieved with a whole lot more potential. Coconut oil somehow fits into our big picture and we’re lookign for a company that has a good bulk sales profile.
    We initially had our eyes on the Splash VCO (Thera Herb, I think) but we are looking for alternatives and some independent assessment of qualities, choices etc. Today, I discovered Nutiva and Tropical Traditions online.
    Can you say more?
    On our bulk purchase ambition?
    source, pricing, what to look out for?
    On these companies?
    Do you know any of them who might be good partners for the African market?
    Thank you.
    Ms. Ruth Paul.

  2. First of all congratulations on your company for starting a wellness program! It great to hear news about responsible employers.
    I don’t know of any truly independent reviews on coconut oil brands. I would suggest that you contact the companies you’ve found so far and get samples and quotes for your needs and then pick the best product for you.
    I think if I were in Africa buying for a company, I would look for an African wholesaler rather than an American retail brand (which is imported). You could contact They sell bulk coconut oil from Togo to the US market. I would find out who their supplier is and go from there.
    I hope this helps. Just remember that there is a lot of marketing hype around coconut oil online. For example there is no such thing as ‘extra’ virgin coconut oil – just virgin coconut oil.
    Good luck!

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