Dr Raymond Peat’s Article About Coconut Oil

Dr Raymond Peat’s Article About Coconut Oil

This excellent free article by Dr Raymond Peat explains the dangers of unsaturated oils and the benefits of coconut oil. He discusses fats and their relationship to cancer and weight loss. A must read for anyone with questions about coconut oil. You can download it here:

Dr Ray Peat’s Coconut Oil Article (download)

Read about the benefits of coconut oil here.

Have a read of the comments below. There are people who swear by it and others who don’t. Try it for yourself and make up your own mind.
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16 responses to “Dr Raymond Peat’s Article About Coconut Oil

  1. beautyscientist

    I hate to be negative but I am afraid I think this article on coconut oil is completely off the point. Coconut oil is not particularly different to other oils – it is a bit less prone to oxidation than most which is handy. It is also one of the cheaper oils, which is also handy. Other than that it is nothing very special.

  2. Do you use it? Have you tried it? Do you know anyone who has?

    The refined processed coconut oil is cheap. The virgin coconut oil isn’t, at least not when compared to corn, soy oil or even some olive oils. When compared to skin care products, however, its a real bargain and works better that anything I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried loads).

  3. Yes Brenda, I have been using coconut oil in various grades for 25 years. It is a nice oil. I agree that it is probably better for your skin neat than some cosmetics that cost a lot more. It isn’t anything out of the ordinary though.

  4. Hi Colin,
    You’ve highlight two of the key characteristcs that I believe make coconut oil beneficial.

    Medium Chain Fatty Acids – Peat’s article was comparing Coconut Oil with other saturated fats (not with unsaturated fats) and pointed out that unlike other saturated fats, Coconut Oil (like other vegetable oils) has predominantly medium chain fatty acids as opposed to long chain fatty acids (like animal fat). So coconut oil is a healthier saturated fat that animal fat.
    Now to compare with unsaturated oils:

    Low Levels of Unsaturated Fatty Acids – There are important health benefits related to storing and handling. Rancid oil is thought to be a carcinogen. Coconut oil does not go rancid easily as many vegetable oils do. Many people do not store their vegetable oil is the refrigerator or freezer and may be consuming rancid oil.

    Further, cooking with unsaturated vegetable oils at high temperatures releases free radicals increasing risk of cancer. You can cook at higher temperatures with coconut oil (but beware, it can still burn).

    Perhaps this is why rigorous medical research shows that when people are put on low saturated fat diets mortality rates increase. The main cause of death is not heart attacks, but ‘other causes’ such as cancer and strokes.

    Thanks for challenging this. It has forced me to look again and, in my opinion, I still see very useful benefits to using coconut oil.

    Nonetheless, some claims on sites marketing coconut oil are unproven and may be exaggerated. But with no research available, all we can do is try it.


  5. Thanks Steve.
    How much do you use and how do you use it?
    Also what kind?

  6. Yeah I believe coconut oil is alot of media hype, I’ve used organic unrefined coconut oil and the claims i heard, was not present with me
    They said it won’t break you out, well i sure did, and it didn’t help my frizzy hair, as it claim it does

  7. A shame it did’t help you. I’ve been using it on my skin twice a day for about 8 months and it doesn’t break me out. It’s all I’m using at the moment. It’s great for me.
    On my hair, it’s fairly good. I’ve had a bit of heat damage that it didn’t help much with. It’s very nice on my daughter’s hair. She’s 8 years old.

    Certainly there is hype around coconut oil. I haven’t read that it helps frizzy hair, but that it helps dry hair (which can be frizzy). Olive oil will likely do the same.
    Do what works for you, drop what doesn’t!

  8. Thanks Steve

  9. For those who are not privy to correct information and want to dash the hopes of us who are having our issues, the least you could do is encourage us. If people want to use the Coconut oil and there are those of us who I’ve personally seen with noticeable differences in blood sugar, HDL/LDL levels…I’m telling YOU…it works!!! Now, if it didn’t work for you, that’s not a reason to go dashing everyone else’s dreams of losing weight or feeling their best. Going back and forth and back and forth isn’t going to change MY mind…what the hell do I have to lose anyway…OH YEAH…weight! I’m going to try it like my friend did, lose weight (by the way I have Hypothyroidism and a weight issue), get my blood tested in a few months and come right back here with the results! Geez, talk about a complete bummer experience…I come to find a board that will help encourage me…and I get people like Brenda who has nothing better to do but bash peoples hopes. You’re not going to convince those who want to use it to NOT use it. Instead be a support system.

  10. Hmmm. Mary, I’m a fan of Coconut Oil. I hope I haven’t dashed anyone’s hopes of benefiting from it. I posted the article because I found it helpful and my comments are supportive of coconut oil, but also of those who haven’t benefited. I maintain that there is a lot of marketing hype around it and sadly not enough research to support it. But there will never be enough research for natural products so all we can do is give it a try. If it works great, if not then that doesn’t mean it’s a bad product, it just means it not the right for you.
    Mary, please come back and let us know how it goes for you, and I’m really sorry if I’ve been misunderstood and have dash anyone’s hopes.
    Best of health to you,

  11. Thanks Annie. Your website is very interesting and the diet you suggest very help to those suffering from Hypothyroidism. For those interested, click on Annie’s name above.

  12. Where can I purchase good quality virgin coconut oil such as that mentioned by Raymond Francis? Please respond. .Thank you

  13. glantabalry

    Hi great thread you have going here.

  14. glantabalry

    Just now read the thread. great work.

  15. I think olive oil is the best, but recently I knew good things about coconut oil and think we should give it a try and see.

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