Back Pain Treatment – Trigger Point Therapy and a Back Buddy

After a year of back pain caused by a trapped nerve and no relief from massage or osteopathy, I found a safe and effective way to self treat my stiff, painful back and neck.body back buddy Last year I started having a dull pain and slight numbness down my lower arm through to my fingers. At first I thought it might be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome caused by long hours at my computer. After a break from work and my computer, it didn’t go away.  I’ve always carried a lot of tension through my upper back and neck, so I thought I might be dealing with a trapped or pinched nerve.

I started getting massages. As nice as they were, they didn’t fix the pinched nerve. I then tried an osteopath. I love getting my back cracked. It felt great, but again no relief for my pinched nerve pain. After about a year of pain and discomfort, I started looking on the internet for information on how to fix pinched nerves. I found some great videos from a number of therapists on YouTube and rediscovered Trigger Point Therapy.

I had received Trigger Point Therapy after a serious road traffic accident many years ago, but didn’t really connect it to my current back problems, and I also didn’t know that there were tools available that I could use to treat myself. My massage therapist and osteopath in the UK had never heard of Trigger Point Therapy so self-care was my only option.

The two best self-care Trigger Point tools I found are the Body Back Buddy and the Backnobber. I chose the Body Back Buddy because I could buy it on Amazon in the UK and save on expensive postage from the USA, but I’m sure the Backnobber works just as well. Get the best deal!

After just a few treatments which were easy to learn on YouTube, the pain down my arm disappeared. It’s also great for getting rid of headaches, stiff muscles and aches and pains due to muscle tension.

I now use my Back Buddy a few times per week to maintain a pain free back and prevent trapped nerves in my neck and back. It works a dream and I’m no longer paying for therapies that don’t work.

3 responses to “Back Pain Treatment – Trigger Point Therapy and a Back Buddy

  1. where to find the backnobber and will it work for pinched nerve that causes leg to hurt.

  2. I got mine on Amazon for about $35. It worked on a pinched nerve that was causing pain down my arm. The trick is to find the trigger points along the chain of muscles from your back to your leg. There are some very informative videos on YouTube. I found these particularly useful View the ones on Kinetic Chain. Hope you find relief!

  3. I got one last year. The design is really well thought out, and it’s really just a cheap piece of molded plastic that they probably produce for a buck a pop. More power to them. It does what it’s supposed to.
    I only use the pointy knob at the end, and only on my back, but the rest is nicely shaped for holding onto. I’m unsure as to the best method specifically to use, like how long to stay on a point. But I’ve had results getting it as deep into the point as possible without losing it (you know you’ve got it when you press and the pain comes from elseewhere), and then “breathing into the point” deeply a few times until the pain has faded. Then I do other points and repeat, and after a two or three times on a point it feels like I’m done there, at least until tomorrow when I gotta do it all over.

    The seam was annoying me, so I took some sandpaper to the seam to smooth out the knob, but I got too excited and scratched it up good and I think I need to get finer sandpaper to smooth it out.
    I don’t know if it’s helped my mobility. I haven’t really had a problem with cleans or other exercises I’ve been doing, as far as I know. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it has helped. I just got it because my back was bothering me and I had tried doing several other types of things to try to fix it, and as it turns out it does help in combination with a couple other things I do. So it feels good to use, feels like my back is getting healthier.

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