‘How 2 Get Healthy’ is inspired by my own journey to get as healthy as I can and stay that way. When I turned 49, I decided to take a good look at my health and resolve the numerous nagging health and dental issues I had been living with for years. Nothing terribly serious, but accumulating and symptomatic of an increasingly poor picture of health.

I went to my GP for basic blood tests and a nutritionist for information on nutrition and supplementation. I read books and searched the internet for research, support groups and health products.

Now I’m 54. I’ve resolved my health issues and, more importantly, I have learned what I need to know to keep me healthy for years to come. I no longer feel like I’m looking at an increasingly poor picture of health. Instead, I look and feel better than ever.

I’ve put what I learned, and am still learning, on this site. It is a work in progress and I invite you to contribute your knowledge.

I also have a another motivation to get and stay healthy. I’m a classic baby boomer who chose career over family until I hit forty and changed my mind. I was very fortunate and had a beautiful baby girl a few weeks before my 43rd birthday. I’d like to be around to enjoy her for as long as possible. It also looks like I’ll need to work for as long as possible too! Her education will most likely eat up a good portion of my retirement fund so for me living a long and healthy life is a top priority.

About the products and services we promote: where I can earn on a product I do, but this isn’t the main criteria for writing about a product or service. If it works and is the best option available, I write about it. Where I feel the best available product is prohibitive in price, I also try to offer the next best alternative. If you like to save money check our my other blog Ways-to-Save.net

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We are advocates of ethical affiliate marketing and follow the American Marketing Association’s ‘Code of Ethics’:

‘Marketers must accept responsibility of their activities and make every effort to ensure that their decisions, recommendations, and actions function to identify, serve, and satisfy all relevant publics: customers, organizations, and society.’

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– Brenda Tranter, NYC


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